Do You Allow Your Pet To Sleep In The Bed With You?


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My cat has decided in the past few years, she is now 14, that it is a necessity that she sleeps under my blankets right up against me.  If I don't let her in, she will playfully nip at me and scratch at the blankets until she gets there...It was really annoying at first, but what is better than a living breathing warm teddybear that will actually snuggle back?
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My dog sleeps in bed with us at foot on her own pillow in the winter she sleeps under the blankets but not the sheet.. We have a cat that sleeps in a carrier at nite if not he roams the house and sits in window and chatters all nite
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terry rossignol
terry rossignol commented
my four little dogs sleep under the covers with us too no matter if it is hot or not. they come out panting it is so funny!!!
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Susan Bohl answered
When I was young, I always had a cat or dog in bed with me.  My 2 cats, Mollie and Johnny, used to sleep with me, until Mollie's dander started plugging up my nose.  Whenever I was alone, I would sleep on the couch.  Both cats slept on the back of the couch.  That way, they could be near me, but I could still breathe through my nose.
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Charlie sleeps in his kennel on the floor right beside our bed.  It's the only chance the kitty gets to roam free since they don't care for one another.  When I was growing up my dog always slept under the covers at my feet.  Anyway, Charlie doesn't seem to mind the kennel...and we all sleep well, even though he does snore.
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I have two dobermans that sleep in our huge king size bed at night, sometimes taking over our pillows, sleeping on them like people! Usually they will get up in the night and go lay down in THEIR beds, then in the early morning climb back in bed with us and "cuddle" up! And YES, they DO snore! Dobermans think they are little, but they will TRY to take over the whole bed! :)
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terry rossignol
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yeah i know what you mean they are a big dog and they love to sleep on beds and be next to your side!!!! it is like bed what bed!!!!!it is all dogs!!!!
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Megan goodgirl answered

Yeah my cats sleep with me. Good to have a furry friend in the bed.

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Didge Doo answered

Terry, I don't even allow my wife to sleep in the same bed as me. It's not her snoring, so much, it's the way she keep jabbing me with her elbow. :(

Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
At any given time, there can be 1 to 4 cats in our bed at night. One of them likes to get under the covers too, and another sleeps on my chest, and yet another sleeps on my left side, the last sleeps at the foot of the bed.
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My spoiled dog gets to sleep in the bed. We don't know what bed he will sleep in but he will always sleep inn a bed. But he is so wimpy/spoiled that he sleep under the sheets or comforter so he doesn't get cold.
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I would love to have my dog sleep with us growing up my dogs always did. I see my wifes point though as we have bulldogs and they snore incredibly loud and are so heavy in a small package they are like bowling balls. 
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Cindy Thompson answered
Yes, right between my husband and me. She squeezes right inbetween us. The little fart, her name is Shastra. She is a Shih-tzu. Peace

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