Does A Bite By A Spider Cause Swollen Glands In The Neck?


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There are many symptoms of spider bites but yes, swollen glands in the neck can be one of them. Unfortunately, the symptoms tend to vary depending on what type of spider you were bitten by. If you do believe you have been bitten, then consult a medical professional for advice. Some spider bites, just like insect bites, can be harmless to humans apart from a few side effects. But there are a few spiders that can cause intense pain and harm to humans, and these are the ones you should look out for.

Black Widow Spider?
Firstly, the Black Widow spider bite can be a very dangerous bite to receive. The bite itself may just look like a pinprick although you may be able to identify faint fang marks. Within just a few hours, you may begin to feel stiffness, swelling and pain around the bite area. If you experience any severe symptoms such as chills, fever, nausea and abdominal pain then you must seek medical attention immediately.

Brown Recluse Spider?
The second spider is the Brown Recluse. These spiders produce only a mild bite which may appear to look like a liquid blister. This will eventually turn into deep swollen tissue. This type of bite may induce a mild fever or nausea but fatalities are extremely rare.

Sac Spiders?
Sac Spiders are commonly found in everyday households and do not usually bite humans unless they are provoked or feel threatened. Most Sac Spider bites tend to happen at night and although the bite is non-toxic to humans, it could cause damage to the tissue and leave a large wound which becomes extremely prone to infection.

What Else Should I Know?
These are just a few of the venomous spiders that can be found in North America. If you can associate yourself with the appearance of the bites and their symptoms, you can learn to spot a deadly bite and get it treated as soon as possible. Remember to consult a medical professional as soon as possible if you think you have been bitten.
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I'm not sure, however, 2 days ago I noticed a sore but itchy place on the side of my neck, on top of my shoulder.  My  husband looked at it and noticed there were multiple bites, 8-10 of them.  They appeared blistered and now the look like small craters.  The area around is red and swollen.  I've also noticed that an area on my neck seems to have 2 nodes forming.  I thought they may be  cysts but they've come up since the biting incident.  Now I'm wondering if they are swollen glands from some sort of infection. I've had spider bites before but not multiple ones.  I'm not sure if I may have an allergic reaction to a bite, mosquito, spider, or other.  Any ideas?
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Recently have had a bite on my neck and a few days later my upper lymph nodes are all swollen and sore. So maybe

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