What Kind Of Spider Leaves A Bruise Around The Sight The Bite?


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I was apparently bitten by something on the top side of my wrist while cleaning brush from our yard. The top of my arm is bruised looking with a light colored area smaller than the size of a dime in the middle. There is a small dot that could be a puncture mark in the middle of the light area, but it doesn't hurt at all, not even the bruised area. Should I be worried and go to the doctor to be checked?
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Very few spiders are known to cause allergic reactions when bite. They are usually localized burning sensation with pain and inflammation. They also causes itching leading to bruise.These spiders are aranied spiders and black widow spider. The most serious bite of spider is brown recluse spider. The toxin secreted by spiders may cause itching leading to bruise.

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