My Mother Has A Bug Bite On Her Arm. The Bruise Is Purple And Blue And Yellow With Three Puncture Holes. What Kind Of Bug Bite Does She Have ?


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It almost sounds like a brown recluse, I would tell her to get to the doctor about it, as if it is, she might be in need of medicine to help her heal. Hope this helps, good luck.
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I was hoping you might also be able to direct me to a picture of this type of bug bite.
So I could show my mother. Thank-you.
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You can go to and type it in there.
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It can not be told that which insect has bitten your mother because all insect bite more or less have same symptoms but can vary in the intensity. Apply hydrocortisone cream and take anti allergy medicines or visit to doctor for prescription.
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Hi, my son who is 12 has the same thing, only he has no bruising . I was doing a search and found this, I don't think its a recluse spider! I got bitten 6 years ago by a recluse spider. The symptoms are very scary. You get tired and get a very high fever , I thought I was going to die. I almost did! If they didn't give the shot. It looks more like a bee sting or common spider bite then a recluse . Is your mom on blood thinners? If so that could be the cause of the bruising. I assume. I also think that this is a sting from a wasp or a hornet . I am using some anti inch treatment and drawing save to drawn out anything that could be in there. If your Mom starts with a fever, or any strange signs , please take her to the hospital. You don't want to take any chances ! I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and I Practice Holistic medicine , Even baking soda and water, and honey can sooth it . Unless she is allergic to it. Meat tenderizer is sprinkled generously over the site to effectively reduce pain and swelling. I don't personally like that one because of the smell, but it works. If you like a sweeter and calming formula ,Lavender, tea tree, chamomile, peppermint oil 1 tsp mix and spray on area or areas. This will help with itching. Also relax the patient.
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It sounds like she got bit by some kind of spider.
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Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh. Thats bad its a rare esophagus creamer stitle tilt bug. Move from that area you don't want to know the symptoms.
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If she's elderly (like me) that might account for the bruising. Black fly bites on my face
now leave a black and blue spot and they never did in the good old days. Maybe this insect took three helpings, which was just enough to leave a bruise.

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