My Dog Has A Fever After Vaccines. How Do I Help Her?


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Well probably pets like the human beings must have a fever after they are vaccinated. The fever is usually appeared with in 24 hours. Some of the dogs show stiffness or the soreness in their muscles. So this is totally normal for your dog. However, you can improve its condition by giving it the best food. There are proper medicines which are to be given from time to time after vaccination. Get ready to treat the fever of your pet after vaccinating it. Please get the compete details and the treatment from the link: treatment

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Soreness, stiffness, fever, and lethargy are normal after vaccinations.
Have her be in a soft, comfortable, quiet, peaceful place, where she can relax until she feels better.
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Depending on the severity of the reaction, you should go back to the vet that administered the vaccine. They will likely give your dog a shot of steriods (to help the body fight off the reaction) and benadryl. Stay in the vet's waiting room for a good 20-30 mins afterwards to make sure the reaction stops.

In the future, give your dog a half tablet of benadryl an hour or so before the vaccination to avoid a bad reaction and stay in the waiting room a little while to make sure there isn't a reaction again.

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