What Do Baby Toads Eat?


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They eat small insects, basically anything that moves that will fit in it's mouth, so flies, crickets, meal worms, ect   www.toadilytoads.com
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Small insects, lil crickets, maybe some blood worms.
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I have 2 baby frogs of my own,and,they ADORE bloodworms.Buy the frozen ones,and leave it in the water and it will melt.In a few hours you wont even have half of what you put in,they ate it all because they love it all so much!!!!If you do decide to feed them bloodworms,then only feed it to them every 2 days.Too much will rot up the water.But,if I couldnt say bloodworms I would recommend baby crickets,green-flys and other small insects.
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They eat flies and four inch crickets.you can find it if you go to google and type in What do baby frogs eat? that is how I found it.

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