What Does It Mean When My Dog Is Panting Hard?


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There are many things that can cause a dog to pant. A dog usually pants with it's tongue out in order to inhale as much oxygen to the lungs as possible. An obvious cause of this is, if the dog has been doing a lot of exercise or running for a long period of time. But sometimes panting can be a sign of serious injury or illness.
Certain breeds of dog are more prone to excessive dog panting than others. These include the brachycephalic breeds which literally mean "short head". Brachycephalic breeds which include bulldogs, pugs, and the Pekingese have short, pushed in faces. They're also prone to respiratory problems due to small nasal passages and windpipes that are shorter in length which makes temperature regulation through panting more difficult. This problem is multiplied if a brachycephalic dog happens to be obese. These breeds of dogs pant more when exposed to warmer temperatures and must be watched closely for signs of heat stroke. Serious reasons for excessive dog panting include heat stroke, congestive heart failure, anemia, obesity, pain, fever, and infection with heartworms. These are all conditions that need to be assessed and treated immediately by a vet.

Changes in the frequency or intensity of panting in the absence of significant exertion or exposure to heat could signify serious illness or injury. If you observe your dog panting for no obvious reason or if he continues to pant longer than ten minutes after an exercise session or exposure to heat, it's time for closer examination. If your dog is older, consider the possibility of congestive heart failure, particularly if you notice the panting is more pronounced at night or if your dog shows reduce exercise tolerance .This is another condition which needs immediate evaluation by your vet.
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Well its there way of cooling themselves down its almost like sweating through their tongue so don't worry she/hes cooling down. If it is very heavy panting and your dogs behavior changes dramatically visit the vet
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I'm assuming it is because your dog is hot. When humans get overheated they sweat to cool body temperature. Dogs however, pant.
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Actually sometimes it means the dog could be dehydrated and sick. It happend to my dog even though she drank water she kept throwing it up and almost died.
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If it pants really hard it could be a heart condition. It shouldn't be that difficult to treat. She might just need some inexpensive medication. Take your dog to the vet if it seems serious. It could be easily treated and you and your dog will feel worse if you don't.  Are you the one that said you gave chocolate to your dog? If you are I believe I've heard that chocolate is toxic for dogs and cats. Hope this helps you.

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