Why Is My Dog Panting Hard After Having Puppies?


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It may mean that there is another puppy in her. Call a vet, tell the vet your dog is whelping. Tell how many pups she has had and how long since the last one was delivered and how long the dog has been panting. It is very normal for the dog to pant during labor but may be a sign of trouble if she is panting heavily hours after the last pup. Watch for an unpleasant discharge other than the usual bit of blood spotting.
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There are many conditions which can cause panting in dogs. Panting after the delivery of the puppies can be due to milk fever. This type of fever is result of poor diet during pregnancy. Other causes of panting in dogs are hypothyroidism, heartworm, anemia, nervousness etc. You should get differential diagnosis from the vet for proper treatment.
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Because you make her nervous lol
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They usually pant heavily for a short time after delivery. Also she might still have more puppies or after birth to deliver. If she continues or has heavy bleeding I would call the vet. Vets usually have an emergency number that you can call.
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Panting in dogs during delivery of kitten is normal because it can be due pain caused by uterine contraction and nervousness. Panting in dogs is related with

1. Fever
2. Conditions of fear and excitement
3. Heartworm
4. Hypothyroidism
5. Poisoning
6. Anemia

You should check the temperature of your dog because dogs can have milk fever after delivery. So, it will be better to take your dog to vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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