Is It Okay To Eat Dog Food?


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Guess what? Eating dog food is not a great idea!

Although you probably won't come to any immediate harm if you scoff down some doggy biscuits, human dietary requirements are very different from those of our canine companions...

Why you shouldn't eat dog food
If you've be tempted to eat some Pedigree Chum, you may be put off when you find out what actually goes into it.

The pet food industry is actually just an extension of the human food industry - and all the food that is scrapped because it is 'unfit for human consumption' ends up in cans of dog food. We're talking hooves, heads and offal - as well as meat from diseased and cancerous animals!

On top of that, dog food is lacking in many of the nutrients and vitamins that are important in keeping humans healthy.

Dogs also have very different digestive systems: Everything about them, from their large teeth, to their intestinal structure and the chemicals found in their saliva are adapted to suit their diet.

That's why humans are best off sticking to human food!
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Make sure you eat plenty of fresh vegetables as well. If you really want to eat dog food (Oh well, if it makes you happy!), then contact the makers on their website address, and ask them if they would say it was safe.

There may be things in it which you shouldn't have too much of. And do remember that all the bits of animals which are unfit for human consumption are often recycled into pet food, so if you don't mind eating all the innards and organs, then I suppose that's fine.

Personally I'm a vegetarian, anyway, so it is a slightly sickening thought for me!
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It isn't advised that you eat dog food. There are health issues that can arise from doing so. Please don't eat any more of it, just once in a while if you feel compelled to do so.
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I don't know much about people loving dog food, though they say it's healthy for dogs. What I learned In medical school is that if "ANY" of our patients eat dogfood, we have to "highly" recommend them to stop eating it, because it's not healthy for humans.

Some patients do this because they are on a low budget, and love their pets so much that they'd rather starve themselves and buy dogfood for the dog to eat, and then share it with them.
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Think about it; lips, buttholes, reproductive organs, all the things which normally couldn't even make it into standard sausages or hamburgers for human consumption.

Seriously, the parts of the carcass which are commonly believed to transmit Mad Cow Disease! The brain and spine are not supposed to even be used in animal food.

I'd be willing to bet the controls are much more stringent when it comes to food for human consumption.

As above, contact the manufacturer and get their take on it.
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No, it is not okay. It is animal hearts, pigs' privates, animal meat and all of the germs in animals' bodies -  definitely not okay for kids! It gives diseases and more.

DO NOT EAT DOG FOOD, PEOPLE! Cats can, though it's even highly dangerous for them. You see, animals' digestive systems are way tougher than humans'.

Animals have way tougher digestive acids in their system, while we have very little acid in ours - so it's absolutely bad for humans!

No dog food...
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I can't think why it could harm you, but its certainly a strange habit - though I'm sure you will soon miss normal foods more palatable to you.
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I believe you are under a bad misimpression if you think dogs eat more healthily. Dogs eat whatever is cheapest to grind up and put in a can: Fat, gristle, bone, oil, water, and cardboard. Not to mention everything not already in the dog food.

We aren't dogs. If you like dog food, that's great, but as karmabun said, ask the manufacturer if it is safe for human consumption.

Dogs can eat things we can't and vice versa (grapes, chocolate, etc.)

Remember to supplement vegetables and fruits, especially citrus; a lack of citrus will lead you to an old-fashioned case of scurvy.
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I mean, it didn't kill you so far, but I don't think it's a very good habit to have.

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