Why Does My Cat Randomly Run Around The House?


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Cara Marks answered
She run around the house because she has lots of energy or she is chasing a bug!From Cara the Cat Expert
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Patty Grace answered
It is totally normal. Cats will do that, their excited, happy whatever. That is a good sign, means they are happy in their environment and that is a good thing.
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Sam-Lynn Murray answered
Cats have a lot of unspent energy when domesticated. This is to disregard what another person said about getting them de-clawed. I do not suggest it at all. What they are actually doing, without any kind of pain killers, is cutting off each "Finger" at the knuckle. It's very painful and can cause severe trauma and psychological damage to the feline.
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The cat is just being a cat. They love to play, normally its after everyone goes to bed when they come out and go crazy. Cats were hunters before they were domesticated. Sneaking,pouncing,climbing is a part of their nature. There's nothing wrong with him.If he is tearing things up , it may be an idea to have him declawed.just something to think about.
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DECLAWED!?! Some cat lover you are! Yeah, if you want your cat not to run around the house have their last knuckles surgically removed. They'll be so depressed and despondent they'll calm right down.
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For the record I am a cat lover and both my cats are declawed and you can say whatever you want about but my cats run around and play and are completely fine. Not only that but so is my  friends cat he is 8 years old and is still fun sweet and loving. Don't read everything you read on the internet.They are FINE. They do not even realize the claws are gone and continue their same behavior and it was truthfully hard to watch my cat try to play sometimes even after clipping their nails because they would get stuck in the carpet. My cats are happy healthy well adjusted cats and they are declawed. The running around means your cat is happy and well adjusted to his life. Congrats you are doing something right!
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Mat Harding
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How do you really know how the cat feels about being declawed? I think it's awful that you mutilated your cats just for your own convenience.

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