Why Is My Cat's Nose Swollen?


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You have been given her the medicine from a long time and the sickness is prolonged. Only the prolonged sickness has caused the nose swollen. She might be rubbing the nose frequently. Runny flu often swell the nose and it is also common in human beings.
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This is a little late, but thanks for the reply! He was better after a week! I was afraid wondering why his nose was doubled in size!
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Cats and dogs like people, get colds.  This should pass in about 7 to 10 days.  If not, get checked out by vet.  I doubt it is anything more than this, but should it continue, like people, can turn bronchual
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Ints an auto immune disorder and the cat needs a shot of prednisone. Some cats get better after that. Some need a shot a week for three weeks then they are cured for life. Some it only helps for one week then they are sick again right after. Anyway my cat the prednisone helped for a whole week but the third time it didn't do anything. My cats nose is almost completely swollen shut now and I'm affraid I have to put her to sleep soon because it's hard for her to breathe. Some cats can live a healthy life forever with this. Some can not. I wish you the best and hope you find the right vet who can help you. Research online what it's called and then bring that info to your vet. It needs a shot of prednisone. And a shot of vitamin e.

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