Why Is My Cat Thin?


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My 4 year old seems to be thinner too, but he's always been a long, strong and lean cat. Just somehow he seems a little thinner. Still very playful, coat looks great, talks a lot for attention. I may take him for a sample too tho. Always a little scary when they start looking thin.
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My little guy is very thin too. Took him to the vet and they checked his thyroid, Checked for worms and Leukemia and did a complete blood workup... Nothing . He had a voracious appetite but onlu weighs 9 pounds . Very bony.
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Thank you. She had worms when she was abandoned as a kitten in front of an animal hasp, they gave her blood tests and also found and cured worms, She is not emancipated, but you can see her shoulder bones and hip bones when she walks, she is long and thin, she is the 6th cat I'm raising, (only have one other one now), and I am used to them rounding out in time, someone suggested she might have also had a tape worm they missed, she said there is no test for this you must catch it in the stool, or by the rectum, if a piece broke off, then it can be treated,,,Vets are so expensive now, but of course , I will take her if this continues, I just wasn't sure, what was normal and what wasn't...again thank you,,,,Daisey
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Take your poor kitty to the vet a.s.a.p. Please!
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My friend gave me her cat she is thin but in good health as vet said ,she was in dry food and some home chicken ,what I should to give her to get her normal wight ?
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Well some dogs or cats can just be thin by nature but if you can see like rib cages or their spine sticking out that is not a good sign. When it comes to cats the #1 thing I think of if one is really thin is Leukemia. They can be born with that. So the best thing to do is take her to the vet and get her leukemia tested.

There is no cure for it. They can treat it so she could maybe live longer with it, but it does eventually kill the cat. But this might not be it so I don't want to get you upset. That is just one of the early signs of leukemia. But she may just need a different kind of food, something with more calories. Or another reason could be worms. Take a stool sample into your vet and have them run it. She might just need a couple pills to deworm her and that's it.

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