After Milk Comes In How Long Before Puppies Arrive?


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Date of delivery in dogs can not be predicted with reference to start of milk production because there is no fixed date of milk production. Majority of the dogs start to produce milk after 54-55 days of the pregnancy but some dogs can start milk production on the day of delivery after the whelping. So, you should not rely on milk production for date of delivery in dogs. You should note signs of labor like restlessness, pacing, loss of appetite, shaking and staining which indicate the she is going to have puppies.
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Her colostrum usually makes an appearance usually a few days or so before birth, so if you see it start watching your girl close :-). Colostrum provides the puppies with the anti-bodies and protection they need to make it through the early stages of life (immune system). It also helps them get rid of the dry fecal matter in the intestines called meconium. Colostrum is EXTREMELY important in the development of a healthy puppy. After 3 or 4 days the actual milk will appear. The composition of the milk changes throughout the nursing period to accommodate what the bodies of those nursing need during those time frames.
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Milk let down is not a reliable sign to gauge whelping by.  Some bitches may start lactating up to 2 weeks prior to whelping.  You should record the rectal temperature of the bitch twice daily starting several days to a week of the expected date.  Within 24 hrs of whelping, her temperature will drop 1-2 degrees Celsius.
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There is no fix time period for milk production in dogs. Milk production in dogs usually starts 7-10 days before labor but sometimes 2 or 3 days before delivery and even sometimes on the day of delivery. If your dog is pregnant and in 9th week of pregnancy then note for signs of labor that can start 8-48 hours before true labor. These signs are reduction in rectal temperature, agitation, anorexia, restlessness and pacing.
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My rottweiler had her pups within the same week she started producing milk, but I'm not sure if this would be the case for all breeds.  It's probably pretty safe to assume that your dog is getting very close to whelping if she's started to produce milk already.
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My female had an oops pregnancy I'm not sure what day she got with my male. I have been checking her for her milk , and  today she had some how close do you think she might be?
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My yorkie started producing milk about the 22nd of this month. How long before she has her puppies now that she is getting milk?

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