How Does A Dog Get Mange?


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Mange or canine scabies is caused by mites, the microscopic creatures are known as Sarcoptes scabiei. These are very small mites who can reside on the skin of dogs creating different skin conditions, such as severe itching on parts of the body with less hair such as the elbows, ears, armpits, hocks, chest, and belly. Sometimes the dogs may loose hair due to the severe itching. In bad cases, red and yellow patches can be seen on the skin and the lymph nodes can also become swollen around these areas.

These mites generally burrow inside the skin of the dogs, lay eggs and complete their whole life cycle on the dog. They can also live outside the dog's body for several days hence a dog can get these even without coming in contact with another infected dog.

Some conventional treatments for this disease are bathing the dog with a shampoo containing benzyl peroxide, organophosphate dip and sulfur dips etc. Some very effective modern treatments are also available and a veterinarian should be consulted.

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