What Is Wrong With My Dog When He Is Panting, Shaking, Can't Keep Water Down And He Won't Eat?


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Shaking in dogs is usually due to pain and discomfort. Your dog is also vomiting and many conditions can cause this. Complete medical history, general examination and few laboratory tests are needed to diagnose cause of your dog's problem. Loss of appetite in dogs can be due to any illness. Your dog should be investigated for the following conditions.

1. Food allergies
2. Changes in diet
3. Eating of grass or garbage
4. Gastrointestinal obstruction
5. Gastritis
6. Excess gastric acidity
7. Overeating
8. Eating rapidly
9. Exercise after taking meals
10. Heat stroke
11. Middle ear infections
12. Anxiety
13. Stress
14. Intestinal and gastric tumors
15. Liver disease
16. Kidney disease
17. Adrenal gland disease

So, take your dog to vet if vomiting continues for more than 24 hours or your dog is vomiting 3 times in one hour.

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