My Dog Is Sick, Won't Eat Or Drink. Her Back Legs Are Weak. She Doesn't Move. Can You Help?


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Did someone hurt your pup without you knowing it? Or is there a chance that he was hurt somehow playing? I have a cat that chipped a bone in the back and couldn't walk right for a while. Make sure you have the pup seen please. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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It's sounds like your puppies dehydrated :( the best thing you can do is to keep giving her water. Also bland foods such as chicken or rice might help her tummy. If the puppy's not feeling better by tomorrow-mid afternoon- then I suggest to take him/or her to the vet. The condition may be more severe
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How old is she?   Is she spayed?  Is she in heat? Because depending on some of the sympt. You said and the   questions  I asked it could be Pyometra. Pyometra usually happens  in females that  are not spayed and are old. Pyo means pus metra means uterus   you should call your vet
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7 year old American eskimo
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What ever happening to your dog did it  get better ,my dog had something similar no one ever knew the true cause after years of going to different vets and spending lots of money my dog is somewhat ok but old now
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Shaking of head in dogs can be due to ear infection and ear mites. This condition can cause loss of appetite and lethargy. You should check his ear carefully and note ant mite inside.
Another reason can be canine distemper which causes fever, loss of appetite, lethargy and later runny eyes and nose. This is contagious disease cause by a virus.
It will be good to see a local vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Lethargy and drooling are very non specific signs of illness which could be caused by any number of things, however these signs can definitely indicate the presence of an underlying disease process.  The next step to working out what the problem is, is to take your dog to the vet.  Your vet will take a thorough history of the problem, do a full physical exam and possible do further tests like blood and hormone tests.  This could be a serious condition and it is better to investigate the problem before signs worsen. 
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My sisters dog can not walk he sways and his legs buckle under him and he is having trouble breathing and he will not eat or drink and is running a fever. It seems like it is neurological or spinal. The vet is doing blood work but I would like to mayb have a more specific idea since were already up to two hundred dollars for him. He is a rat terrier/beagle mix. If some one could point us in the right direction that would be very helpful
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You have not mentioned age and breed of your dog that is having troubles walking and standing. Some large breeds of the dog like Labrador retriever are more prone to develop hip dysplasia. Aging in dogs can cause
  1. Muscle weakness
  2. Reduced joints flexibility
  3. Reduced neurological control of limbs
Other conditions cal also vause weak hind legs in dogs. These are

  1. Arthritis
  2. Hip dysplasia
  3. Ticks disease
  4. Autoimmune disorders
  5. Musculoskeletal problems
  6. Disc dislocation
  7. Disc degeneration
  8. Bone tumors
  9. Panosteitis
  10. Cartilage damage
  11. Anterior cruciate rupture
  12. Osteomyelitis
  13. Spondylosis
  14. Patellar luxation
You should take your dog to vet who may ask for x-rays and blood tests for confirmation of diagnosis.

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Dear it can be symptoms of canine distemper if your dog is not vaccinated if vaccinated also you can't take this problem lightly you should immediately contact to veterinary doctor . 

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