What Are The Symptoms Of A Dogs Broken Or Sprained Leg?


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You have to go to the vet. You can't leave a broken bone without proper treatment or it can cause the pet to be crippled and have more problems or life threatening infection. If you think there is even the slightest possibility that is the case you need to get your dog to a vet as soon as possible and get it treated and make them as comfortable as possible just like you would do if it was you. Sometimes spinal injuries will appear as a 'sprain' or problem with the legs and that must be treated as well. The sooner the better in every case and all can also cause nerve damage if the right circumstances. If your dog has been limping or walking funny for more than 24 hours or a limb has any swelling you need to see a vet right away.
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If they don't walk much or when they do they lift there paw up and don't walk on it at all but when its sprained they can walk on it and then it might be fine in a few hours if it aint serious but when its broken my dogs was and she didnt do anything really and her paw was swollen
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You have 2 take him 2 the vet and c how the dog walks put pressure on the leg

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