What Could Cause Paralysis In My Dogs Back Legs Only?


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My 13 yr old papilion woke up with paralysis in both rear legs.The dr put her on steroids.After 1 week shes up and walking on one rear leg and were doing massage and physical therapy on the other leg.Without an MRI well never be sure what caused it.The medicine is called prednisone.good luck!!!
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German Shepherd are more prone to develop hip  dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, arthritis, bloat and ear infection. Aging in dogs can cause muscle weakness leading to walking difficulties. Arthritis in old dogs is  can cause weak hind legs. Other reasons of hind leg paralysis in dogs autoimmune disorders, musculoskeletal problems, disc dislocation, disc degeneration, etc. In my opinion, you should take your dog to vet for accurate diagnosis and management.
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There are many conditions that can cause paralysis or weakness of the rear legs. These can be

1. Ticks disease
2. Autoimmune disorders
3. Arthritis
4. Traumatic injury
5. Hip dysplasia
6. Musculoskeletal problems
7. Disc dislocation
8. Disc degeneration
9. Bone tumors
10. Panosteitis
11. Cartilage damage
12. Anterior cruciate rupture
13. Osteomyelitis
14. Spondylosis
15. Patellar luxation

So, you should get advice from your local vet.
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If your vet said your pup is perfect how did he explain the pain and paralysis?  If I were you I might consider seeking out a second opinion on that one.  Have you tried any physical therapy with your pup?  Maybe it is a joint issue or something relating to his development?  I know kids get growing pains in their bones when they go through sudden growth spurts.  Maybe your pup is experiencing something similar? But ultimately if you really think there is something more that is causing the issue it really probably is time to find a new vet.
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A common problem in Dachshunds is intervertebral disc rupture.  The ruptured disc places pressure on the spinal cord leading to weakness, pain, and sometimes paralysis of the hind end.  Treatment depends upon the severity of the disease.  X-rays may be helpful in diagnosing this problem--if the disc is calcified it will show up on x-rays.  
Your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian so appropriate treatment can begin and your dog's discomfort can be relieved.
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Take the dog to the Vet. There could be a number of things but you really shouldn't guess. Maybe arthritis? Who knows. But you'll definitely find out after an exam and possible x-rays. I hope the dog will be o.k. Good-Luck
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I would suggest Coonhound Disease. Only treatment is good nursing as the dog will die of dehydration or hunger if you don't do this for them and you may also have to help them with elimination of waste, ie enema/cathatar until their muscles can do the job again themselves. This is in severe cases only. Use a sling to move your dog, get an old pram and use that to take them on walks to keep their routine up and they may also go to the toilet that way themselves and find some still water (bathtub for small dogs/cheap kids pool if you have to for bigger dogs/ estuary/calm beach etc) and buy a dog buoyancy vest and attach a dog lead to it and swim it daily. For the really stricken dogs you will have to use 2 people and paddle their legs in a walking motion while they are in the water. This will keep their muscles strong while their nerves are repairing and will allow the muscles to be strong enough to hold their weight when their nerves finally transmit the messages when all is up and running again. This is a disease that has no treatment except good nursing and time. The time is between 2 weeks and 8 months depending on how severe and how extensive the nerve damage. This disease is baffling as noone knows how they get it but the less severe it is obviously the quicker it heals. Turn your dog a lot to prevent bed sores, feed and water it, swim it daily and give it a soft bed. Don't spend too much money - you will have to spend a lot of love and time. They recover in their own time if you have the staying power. You may have to learn how to give a cathatar if your dog can't pee and bladder infections/antibiotics will be your biggest cost. Don't put frontline on while they are sick. They may have a relapse. All in good time.Good luck.
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Hello...my 3 yr old YorkShire terrier suddenly started lifting her right leg up and leap and she walks...she hastened to put her leg down, however she shows no signs of pain at all, as I massage her pus, legs and knees...shes eats and gets happy "wags her tail",...I'm very worried..any idea what this is?
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Could be several reasons but your dog certainly needs to be examined by a veterinary surgeon today. This could be serious. Please take him or her.
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You need to take him to the vet as soon as you can. There are so many things that this could be. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I don't know exactally but my dog whines eats drinks but doesnt move his legs at all
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Mine does too. And my brothers dog did too. My brother got an underground fence and so did I

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