Can A Dog Take Trazadone?


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You cannot give your dog trazadone, or any other medication unless it has been prescribed by your vet!

Humans and animals are totally different and the effect of medication can also be totally different. A drug that is used for treating anxiety and depression is wholly inappropriate for use with a dog - you wouldn't use any medication for your dog on yourself.

Whatever cause you need medication for your dog, you will be able to find it from a vet. The vet will be able to examine your dog to offer a solution as well as offering you advice for the condition and also general hints about how best to look after your dog to ensure that both you and your dog have minimal discomfort.

The cause of the issue with your dog can be varied and that's why seeing a vet gets to the root of the issue. A vet will be able to carry out tests and detect signs of discomfort in your dog to be able to provide a solution there and then.

Some issues can be avoided by taking a little more care with your dog or adding more variety to its diet or by providing it with higher quality foods.

Spending more time with your dog and training it should also see an improvement in its general health and outlook.

Should your dog require medication your vet will be able to describe the best way to apply it. When your dog is relaxed and comfortable there will be fewer issues involved with medication with fewer problems to deal with afterwards as well.

Whatever you do don't provide your dog with trazadone and remember that a vet will be able to prescribe the correct medication required.
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There are several medications that are used for anxiety in dogs--many dogs are fearful of thunderstorms.  Benadryl, plain Benadryl NOT the Cold and Sinus variety, has a fairly wide range of safely and works in some dogs.  Ambien is not used in veterinary medicine; it has a varied effect on individual dogs.  Trazodone is not used commonly in veterinary medicine though it was studied in dogs before FDA approval.  There is not an approved veterinary product nor is there an anecdotal dose veterinarians use in dogs.
Before using any anxiety medication in a 14 year old dog her liver and kidney values need to be examined to make sure she is able to metabolize the medication.  Your mother needs to speak with her veterinarian about safe anti-anxiety options available for her dog.

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Whomever said that human drugs r for humans
simply isn't true. Their digestive system and other
inner parts are a lot like ours and it is very common
for a dog to receive human meds from a vet. I've
been told to give my dog pepto and have heard of
dogs being given Valium.  The dosing would be less
is all. Not sure on trazodone though. Looks like there
r some articles and studies out there.

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service. Buyer beware
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The vet prescribed 50 mg. For my 11 lb Shitzu,  1/2 of morning and 1/2 in evening, that just seems like a lot and I questioned the vet and he said the 50 mg was lowest dosage, but I take 50 mg of trazodone and I weigh 125 so I'm worried that would be too much for my 11 lb sweetie

He has serious anxiety and fear issues

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If your dog accidentally got into your medication do not wait for symptoms and call your veterinarian, emergency clinic or poison control immediately to get any possible emergency instructions to try and limit the effects. If the package is handy grab that so they have more of the information they need.
If you were wanting to give the medication for some reason you have to ask your vet first before you give anything. Medication is the number one cause of poisoning in our pets. You need to speak to them first to make sure it's appropriate for whatever the problem is, for your pup individually and if so, they need to prescribe the dosage. Otherwise you are more likely to harm them than help them in any way.
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My dog has been self mutilating because of past flea problems. We have treated him and the house. He has started exibiting o c ds. He seems not to be able to sleep and walks in circles. I take 50 mg at night of trazadone.
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No ! Human medicines are for humans not animals ! Are you crazy you would hurt/kill that animal . I doubt they would give the dog trazadone,ambien,or benedryl
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You are simply uninformed. Benadryl (Diphenhdrmine HCL) has been used for dogs for decades. If it would hurt or kill it would have been listed as a dangerous med for dogs.

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