How Can I Get My Dog To Stop Eating The Carpet?


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If it is one area, there are repellent treatments available at pet stores you can alppy to porous surfaces such as carpet which have no odor but are distasteful to pets.   There may be something in a particular place in the carpet that the dog smells or tastes that is interesting.  You may also try applying odor neutralizer (organic compounds made especially for naturally eliminating organic smells from carpet).  Again you can get this at pet stores like petCO  or  PetSmart in the US.
 If it is in random or in many areas, your challenge is made more difficult.
To break your dog of the behavior if this is the case, most dog behaviorists recommend you actually monitor the dog directly for a while.  I know this is labor intensive and not always practical, but if you can swing it, the process is overall a shorter one and more effective.  It is similar to when one in house training or re-house training a dog.  First, the dog needs always be within your site while in the house.  If the dog tends to wander off, and you need to be focused on other things, some recommend that you even tether their lead to your waist or belt during those times-- just so the dog doesn't have an opportunity to wander off and start chewing on the carpet while you're distracted.  When you see the dog begin to chew at the carpet, make a loud, staccato sound with your voice  (No! Or AAh!) to immediately break the dog's focus.  Tell your dog no, and hand him his favorite chew toy or a rawhide or something that he CAN chew on.  Do this each time you see your dog begin to nose at the carpet or use his teeth on it.  Prasie the dog when he is chewing on acceptable things--toys, rawhides, etc. The dog learns that there are better and appropriate things to chew on in peace.  This make up to a week or so, but I found it is worth spending the time to save my carpet and furniture.  Dogs are unque in that they love to chew even after their puppy teething stage.  It is pleasurable to them, and they use their mouths to explore and experience the world around them.  Also, always keep several fun chew toys or items available to your dog.
I hope this works for you.  It worked great for me, and I was grateful someone taught me this technique.  Good luck.  I know how frustrating this can be for both you AND your canine companion!
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We had a dog with a similar problem, only she was eating the furniture... If it isn't going to harm your carpet, I recommend spraying it with a bit of vinegar, dogs hate the smell, and I am sure the taste is even worse considering my dog stopped munching on on our furniture the day we sprayed it. After a while, he shouldn't feel the need to chew on your carpet and you can clean the vinegar up.. I know it isn't a good smell, but yes, it was the only way for us to train our dog, I hope this helps you! Oh and, also.. While (if) you are spraying your carpet with vinegar, give him lots of chew toys, so he is very distracted.
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Give it some bone and keep your carpet away

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