My Dog Is Panting Heavy Shaking Being Really Strange She Won't Leave My Side? Can You Help?


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If your dog panting heavily, won't leave your side and is acting strange it is probably best to contact a vet to determine what the cause of her odd behaviour is.
This does sound like your dog has an illness; however a vet could tell you how serious this issue is. It could be something not very major, there again it could be quite serious so it is better for peace of mind sakes to check it out.
To get in touch with a vet, use your internet or your local telephone directory to find a vet. Call the vets office and make an appointment. The vet will probably ask what seems to be wrong with the dog and may decide that the animal should be brought in as soon as possible.
The fact your dog won't leave your side may seem like something more serious is wrong and your dog is looking for your attention to resolve the matter. The fact your dog is shaking suggests a temperature related problem and you could be inclined to say she may have a fever; this could be caused by flu or a more serious virus. 
The dog is possibly acting strange for the same reason as she doesn't feel well and may want to lie down and doesn't have the usual amount of energy or well-being that she usually has.
As all three things are happening at once, it is best to consider bringing the dog to a vet. It will more than likely be something quite simple and is probably nothing to worry about but it is always better to be safe than sorry.
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Panting and shaking are signs of distress, discomfort, or pain.  If the panting becomes respiratory distress it may mean the problem is with the respiratory system.  Your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian to determine what is causing her distress.
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She could possibly have eaten something outside in a toxic form. (Plants, etc)  This would cause the panting and shaking.  If she has somehow gotten into caffeine, or nicotine(eating chocolate or chewing up a cigarette) she would act like this also.  Call your vet, explain the symptoms, and take his advice!
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My dog lab/boxer mix, 4 yrs old, has been shaking and panting off and on for the last 2.5 wks. First problem was bumps-rash to private area, inner legs and butt. It was thought to possibly be a food allergy. We have gone thru the past 10wks changing his dog food (6wks on 1 w-no change-now on rx dog food - Z/D) He was placed on Prednisone at that time due to inflammation he was experiencing in those areas. He is no longer on the Prednisone. He is now on Cephalaxin,Temaril-P & Cinetidine. The rash-bumps are almost gone. However, he has started shaking and panting excessively off and on some times a few minutes, other time the panting can last 1/2hr long if not longer. He has been to two different vets. Xrays were taken and I was told his liver is enlarged and his stomach is not aligned with the ribs the way it should be. Is the panting and shaking pain? Seems laying on left side is uncomfrtable. Very gassy from both ends. What are your thoughts? Heart? Stomach? Help.
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My dog is doing the same thing and I'm very worried what happend to your dog? Was it serious? I'm just trying to figure out if I should take her to the vet now or wait until the morning because I'm freaking out.
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Sounds like a possible seizure. I would have him checked immediately.
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Take her to the vet, it could be nothing but if you go you know she safe, and is she spayed/neutered because she could be pregnant.
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If I were you I would go to the vet before it's to late because thats what happened to me and my dog died but I got a new dog named momo

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