Why Is There Blood In My Cat's Eye?


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Numerous conditions or problems could cause blood to be present in your cat's eye. In any case, you should take your cat to a vet immediately.

The vet will be able to undertake a more detailed and thorough investigation of the problem, and should be able to make a accurate diagnosis.

If this is the case, then treatment for that problem will then be able to start straight away.

Why is there blood in my cat's eye?
Blood in a cat's eye is known as hyphema, and could be the result of numerous problems:

  • Your cat could have suffered an injury to the eye which has caused it to bleed.
  • Severe retinal detachment.
  • Hypertension, hyperthyroidism, systemic deficiencies.
  • Infection - bacterial or parasites.
  • Bleeding of the blood vessels.
  • Defects with the eye itself, such as retinal dysplasia and glaucoma.
I would advise you to take your cat to the vet, so that treatment for this can begin straight away.

The vet will be able to stop the condition worsening, and should be able to relieve your pet of some of the pain that he or she is experiencing.
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You need to get your cat to a vet immediately. Blood in the eye is probably a sign of high blood pressure, glaucoma, or trauma.

This could cause permanent loss of vision or even be fatal if not treated.

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