How To Home Treat A Aural Hematoma In Cat?


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An aural haematoma is when blood accumulates between the skin and the cartilage of the ear.  They usually appear on the inside of the point of the ear.  This is most commonly from trauma or from excessive heat shaking which can occur as a result of an ear infection or the presence of ear mites.  The treatment for aural haematomas is surgical.  The haematoma is lanced and drained and the skin is adhered to the underlying cartilage to prevent recurrence.  Without treatment the haematoma will become firm and eventually become a scarred cauliflower type mass.  This type of treatment is not possible to do at home.  Furthermore, your cat needs to be evaluated by a vet to investigate the possibility of an underlying ear disorder which may have contributed to the formation of the aural haematoma.  
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Yep, of course!

Here are some natural methods easy to follow at home to treat hematoma on your cat:

1. Apply Cold: Ice is one of the very first home remedies for how to treat a hematoma at home that you should think of initially. It not only helps your cat feel comfortable, relax from pain but also stimulates blood vessel so that they can contract and reduce the risk of swelling. As a result, bruise will be blurred and risk will be limited.

3. Apply Hot: One day after applying the ice method, you should use a hot towel to apply on the hematoma skin areas. This will help to ease blood circulation and speed up the treatment for how to get rid of a hematoma.

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