Why Would My Cat Sneeze Blood?


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My cat is 16 years old. She has been sneezing, eyes's watering, nose running, since fall.
In the past 2 months she has had a puff spot come up on her face just above her nose and left eye. It goes down after a few days then when she starts sneezing again it comes back. Today she has sneezed up blood three time in 30 min.  Is this allergies or does she have a more serious problem. She has stopped eating her dry cat food about 6 months ago and will only eat canned food. I give her small amounts at a time so she will not throw it up.
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Her eyesight could be failing, and she could have some sort of infection in her lungs, you should take her to the veterinarian. Hope this helps.
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Take her to the vet STRAIGHT away, this is very bad take her to the vet ok plz this could be very serious
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I'm really worried because my chinchilla is sneezing alot Should I take her to a vet??? She also isn't drinking her water and she is 2 months. Old. Can my chinchilla be really sick iI clean her cage every day but she poops alot is that why shes sneezing???

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