Why Is There Blood In My Dogs Bowel Movement?


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There are many causes of blood in a stool, so you shouldn’t try to make any diagnosis online. One common reason for blood in a dog stool is the disease Parvo, an incredibly serious condition that is generally found within puppies. Young canines which are suffering from Parvo will vomit quite frequently, will suffer from diarrhoea with blood found within the excrement, loss of appetite and lethargy. A dog with Parvo must be seen by a veterinary professional immediately, as the condition can prove life-threatening.

Parasites could also be the cause. This is one of the most common reasons for finding blood in a dog stool. The most common parasites that are found within dog stools are hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. Protozoans are common causes for bloody stools, too. When a vet is able to identify which parasite is affecting the dog, they will be able to provide the appropriate dewormers that will get rid of the parasites and help your dog get back to its usual health.

Dietary indiscretions are common causes for bloody stools, too. Either this or over eating can irritate a dog’s intestines. This would cause vomiting, bloody stools and diarrhoea. Dogs must always be moved to new foods gradually, as a quick change of diet can cause vomiting and diarrhoea. Other causes could be eating spoiled foods, or even food intolerances or allergies.

Don’t rule out rectal injuries, either. Dogs that ingest things they shouldn’t, often large Terrier types, will be subject to this. If a dog commonly eats bones or sticks, these could scrape the lower intestinal lining or even the rectum, as they make their way through the body.

Always be sure to see the vet before taking any action yourself. Your vet will be able to provide an expert opinion on how your dog should be treated, and some insurance policies will cover this expense.
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We have a 1 year old yorkie that is bleeding bright red blood when having a bowel movement; there is red blood on the stool and after the bowel movement a nickel to quarter size drop of blood. What should we do?
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Your dog has got some infection and you've got a diagnoses test and treatment yet. That is the cause of blood in your dog's bowel movement. You should immediately contact and show your dog to the Vet.
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I've got a pit bout a year old with blood in his bowel movements.. I'm going to take him to the vet so I'll let you kknow what turns up..

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