My Male Cat Is Leaking Urine While Laying In His Bed Blood Found, Why?


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Your cat needs to be examined by a veterinarian immediately.  I am very concerned your cat is experiencing a urinary tract obstruction.  This is a problem in male cats and can be related to stress.  The obstruction is from a bladder stone or mucous plug blocks the urethra and prevents urination.  This is an emergency.  Infection can be a primary or secondary complication of this problem.  The urine is bloody from infection, inflammation of the bladder, or inflammation of the urethra.  
Often these cats visit the litter box frequently, have pain when urinating, produce little or no urine, and sometimes only leaks small amounts.  
Your veterinarian will determine via examination if this is a problem in your cat.  They can assess if the bladder is small and if not can try to express it (place pressure on the bladder to initiate urination).  If your cat is able to urinate a urinalysis needs to be done to rule out infection, x-rays may need to be taken to rule out bladder stones.  If an obstruction is present your cat will need to have a urinary catheter placed under anesthesia and will be hospitalized for several days.
It is better to have this dealt with early in the course of disease.

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