My Cat's Eyes Roll Back In His Head, What Causes That?


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You are seeing your cat's third eyelids.  These eyelids are located at the edge of each eye by their nose and elevate from the bottom corner of the eye.  They can elevate normally when relaxed or sleeping. 
When the third eyelids are elevated during the day when your cat is awake and alert this can signal illness. 
A small amount of brown or white discharge is normal especially in the morning--the eyes are getting rid of dirt/debris.  Many people awake with "sleep" or a small amount of discharge in the corner of the eyes.  If the discharge is green or yellow in color, if your cat rubs/scratches his eyes, or if there is redness around the eyes your cat needs to be examined.
If you have any concerns it is always better to have your cat examined by a veterinarian to make sure what you seeing with the ocular discharge and third eyelid is normal.
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I am out of town and just heard from the pet sitter that my cat's eye is missing or rolled back.  No other injuries so not a dog attack.

What can I/she do?
What causes this?
What is the treatment?
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You need to see a vet about this, your cat could have a problem with blood reaching its brain, which could lead to epilepsy.
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Does she/he have any other symptoms? Is it a kitten or grown cat.

Eyes rolled back (where you can see a second eye lid) means a deep sleep like as in sedated sleep. My cat showed that when given a sedative at home.

It's not normal in a healthy cat.
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She's probably having a seizure while you sit online asking total strangers about it. Doesn't it seem a bit ODD that your cat's eyes are rolling back into her head? Wouldn't this suggest to you that there might be a MEDICAL problem here? Would you think about calling a veterinarian? I bet you are really close to a telephone... Or maybe you could just contact random strangers and ask them for their opinions while your cat continues to suffer. Whatever you think is best, of course.
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Or maybe this person doesn't have the money for a vet and is making sure that there might be something wrong with their cat before they go spend $100+ on vet bills. And coming on here and commenting such a thing is extremely disrespectful, you have no idea what any of these people are going through. And trust me not being able to afford vet bills is one of the saddest and worst things so ridiculing people for asking advice on the internet, which if you actually do research it's a very helpful source, is a very rude thing to do and you might want to check yourself. No one wants their cat to suffer but the fact that people are asking questions means they are trying to help their cat. Thanks for the input though bro...

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