Why Is The White Of My Cat's Eye Turning Brown?


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You might want to get this checked out by a vet. It could be an age-related issue or an irritation of the eye for one reason or another. Then again, it could also be nothing.

If you're concerned, though, I would recommend that you visit a vet - who will be able to undertake a more detailed and thorough investigation of your cat's eye, and hopefully make a diagnosis.

If this change of color is in the iris, or spreads to the iris, then you will need to have it seen by a vet as soon as possible as this can indicate melanoma.

Melanomas are very serious problems in cats, so an early diagnosis is crucial. Unfortunately, the only treatment for melanomas is the removal of your pet's eye - but this should stop the condition spreading.

Why are the whites of my cat's eyes turning brown?
  • This could be an age-related problem, an allergy or irritation.
  • If this coloration spreads to the iris, however, then it could be a serious problem.
  • If the coloration starts to spread, or if you're concerned in any way, then you should take your cat to see the vet.

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