Does Anyone Have A Japanese Chin Dog?


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You're not kidding they really are rare.  When I read your Q on Japanese Chin Dogs, I had never heard of them so went looking for cute pictures of Japanese chin dogs but the DP didn't even have any and their a site all about cute dogs!

Just had to try the forums and then was able to find pictures and other owners.
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amanda dennis
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yea they are the cutest little dogs you ever did see! and i have 7 of them!
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look below in comments. the last comment. i think your looking for a spaniel-imperial Japanese
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Ho mush dou you wont for hin or she
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Those dogs are really cute but it said that they are very rare and I don't have one
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I do she is a japanese chin Brussels griffen mix and her name is maggie!
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I have 6 of them not 7
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kathy u dont need to know!
I do! Haha his name is koko and as rare as they are... Some one in my neighborhood has one! Haha they really are rare. My friends will be like what kind of dogs do u have? And im like a maltese and japanese chin and there like wat the....haha any cute pics?i have the cutest one of when he was first brought home with us about 4 years ago.his eyes look two different ways! There so fun and i highly recomend them to anyone who wants a dog who can be lazy, hyper and a best friend. Hes a great cuddler
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Yes I have two and 6 year old black and white female and a Three year old male thats tan and white.  They are great dogs but shed terrible.  But we love them anyway!!!!!

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