What Would A Wolf-Dog And Rottweiler Mix Look Like?


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What would a wolf-dog and rottweiler mix look like?

One thing is for certain, this dog would be very big!

Usually wolf-dogs tend to look more wolf-like than domestic dogs, and this would also be true of a wolf-dog and rottweiler mix.

This combination would have the large shoulders of the wolf-dog, but with the less-pronounced skull of the rottweiler.

It might also have a darker coat than would you would normally expect - due to the black and brown markings of a rottweiler.

Be warned, however - as this mixture could be very aggressive.

Wolf-dogs are typically a mixture of a wolf with either a Siberian husky, a German shepherd or an Alaskan malamute. These breeds can be aggressive, and the wolf-part of the mixture certainly is.

If a wolf-dog is then mixed with a rottweiler - again a breed not known for its cool temperament - then you could end up with a very aggressive dog that's not suitable as a domestic pet. 

  • Dogs that are part wolf are certainly not suitable to be kept around children. They have been known to attack children, and even babies, because a child's movement and crying can trigger the predatory instincts of the wolf - and which still exist in this hybrid.
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It really depends on who has the more dominant gene - it could go either way.

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