Can A Horse Mate With Donkey And Mule?


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A female horse mated with a male donkey makes a mule, whereas a male horse and a female donkey make a Hinny. Mules & Hinny's are sterile and can not reproduce. (Disclaimer: There is a one in a million chance that a Hinny could, but I have never heard of a mule, and I have been looking for info.)
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I did read of a mule producing offspring once about 35 years ago. It was in an article in the newspaper. I can't remember if I was living in California at the time or Washington, but if you want to do the research the names of the papers would have been the San Diego Union, or the Longview Daily News or the Vancouver Columbian. I remember a bit of the details being that because he was considered sterile (being a hybrid) he was left in the pasture with the mares and gedings for several years.
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Yes a horse can mate with donkey ..... A female horse mated with a male donkey makes a mule . In  many countries every year there is a race conducted .... Many mules r brought nd a race is conducted ....there is a association in America known as AMRS [american mule racing association] ...
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Yes a horse can mate with a donkey and a mule yes it can but it can't produce babies

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