My Dog Just Ate Half A Bag Of Uncooked Rice. Should I Restrict His Water? Should I Still Feed Him Dinner Tonight Or Should I Watch His Food Intake Over The Next Few Days?


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Do not, I repeat, do not give him water, this can  cause rice to swell and cause extreme pain if not rupture.  Best for him to fast for 12 hours till this passes.  Stomach acids combined with water will cause rice to blow up.  Had a friend who ate half cooked rice, was in a hurry, and was in total pain with the addition of water as rice swelled in his belly.  Maybe check with the vet and get his stomach pumped.  This may be one alternative.  It has to come out. But water will make it worse.  Check with you vet to see if castor oil is okay to flush out system.  Best to use oil, to lubricate, rather than feed the rice.  Call an emerg if dog gets worse
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Katie Hart answered
My dogs ate a kilo bag of uncooked Rice. They had no water but the next day had the worst explosive diarrhoea!! It was awful! I\'m a vet nurse so I just got some extra body salts from work, bland food and some prokolin to aid in their recovery. Bad dogs! Try to take them to the vets immediately- they will give the dog can injection to induce vomiting- there would be no aftercare involved. If you can't get to a vet- no water and take your dog out regularly!

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