My Dog Just Ate Half A Bag Of Dog Food And Is Now Bloated, Vomiting And Has Diarrhea. What Should I Do?


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My dog ate half a bag of dog food. What should I do?

Your dog has over-eaten and is now paying for its greediness! This shouldn't be a serious problem, and hopefully your pet should be back to normal within a day or so.

Monitor it regularly during this time - and don't let it eat any more food!

Sometimes - but not always - over-eating can lead to a condition in dogs known as bloat.
Bloat causes the stomach to fill up with gas and twist, which can cause tissue damage and sometimes heart failure.

Bloat is a very serious condition and is potentially life-threatening. The fact that your dog is vomiting and has diarrhea is encouraging, though, as normally dogs who are suffering from bloat are unable to expel food.

However, if your dog shows the following signs, then you should take it to the vet immediately:

  • Lethargy is the clearest indication of bloat in a dog. Dogs who have overeaten are normally ill but still have energy, so if you dog is very lethargic, then it will need to be taken to the vet.
  • Check that your dog's blood vessels are not dilated or sticking out. Again, this could be a sign of bloat.
If your dog has the above symptoms, or doesn't seem to be acting normally, then take it to the vet immediately.
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You should call your vet. That can be dangerous and your dog may actually have bloat, which is a life-threatening medical emergency.
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More than likely he just over-ate and now is paying for it. He should be fine.

A half a bag of dog food is a lot of food. The vomiting and diarrhea is just the body's way of dealing with the stomach being too full.

Watch him just in case, but I think he should be fine. Make sure you limit his food.
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So, yes, monitor the state of your dog these days. I wanted to give you a piece of advice for the future. Buy good food for your dog. If you follow it, overeating won't be a problem anymore. As for me, on PetsTiger website I found the best dog food for small breed puppies. I bought a dog only several weeks ago. I have asked a lot of question about it and how to look after it properly. This food was a "must have"

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Well, this might not be a huge issue and your dog might get better by tomorrow.
However, keep monitoring him. If you see his state deteriorating, then it is
best to go to the vet. Otherwise, try to call one and see if there is any
medication that you can give him. Hope he gets better.

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