My Dog Ate A Stick Of Crisco, He Vomited A Lot 18 Hours Ago, And Some Yellow Fluid Just Came Up, How Long Before He Feels Better Or Should I Take Him To The Vet Now?


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If that material has all come out through vomit then it will be all right soon but if it is still there then it can be dangerous to your pet's digestive system. It is still vomiting which shows that few particles are still there inside it. Take it to vet so that it can give such medicine, which can clear its stomach through vomiting. Give it very light food to eat till it recovers. It will find it difficult to digest solid food because its stomach is weak at the moment
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This just happened to my dog two days ago, you need to take him to the vet because he could have pancreatitis and it can be fatal
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Let your dog eat grass it helps to settle their stomach also try to
Give him salten crackers to absorb the Crisco. The Crisco is grease
this will cause diarrhea (sp) and vomiting. He has to get it all out of his system. He will be feeling better in a few days.
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You can treat a dog at home if your dog is not sick with diarrhea but now it has been 18 hours and you should see the vet because the yellow fluid smells like stool, I am sure.

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