Should Dogs Eat Vegetables?


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My vet says it's good for dogs to eat vegetables, especially carrots and green beans. I also make cooked oatmeal and give them some when it milk though.    The vegetables and grains help to fill them and give them good vitamins.  Rice is also recommended.
I have never heard that chicken bones of any type are good for dogs, they splinter and can cause digestive problems, large beef soup bones you can get from your grocer, they can have them and can eat them raw.  Dogs love getting the marrow out of them.
Grapes are poisonous to dogs but other fruit is fine as far as I know.
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It is not question of SHOULD they eat veggies it is a question of do they NEED veggies???

And that answer is NO!!! Dogs are carnivores, they don't need fruit, veggies, berries, carbs, , they need meet and uncooked bones, and that's it, the bones should be small/big enough that you can crack them with your hand with no problems, but require the dog to chew them up, a good example is chicken backs, or bone in chicken breasts that would be a good meal for your dog!!! your dog veggies will not hurt them, the veg will just come out the same way they went in, a lot of the BARF diets etc tell you to chop up or put the veggies through a food processor before giving them to you dog to help them digest it. Why should you have to help them digest it? Do wolves have some way of pulverizing their veggies? NO so if we have to process them first then they shouldn't have them!!!!

Check out the yahoo group "rawfeeding"

or the youTube channel "rawk9feeding"

or the web page

hope this helps

Paul and a raw fed Dog
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There are certain vegetables and other foods that are a good substitute for meat, especially in homes where the human beings are vegetarians or vegans. Like humans, dogs also need to eat a balanced diet comprising of all the essential nutrients, namely proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Both an excess and a lack of any of these five types of nutrients in the dog's diet are equally dangerous, as they can cause severe health risks for the dog, such as malnutrition, obesity and or even vitamin or mineral toxicity. The vegetables and other foods that are suitable for dogs and take care of all their nutrient requirements include rolled grains, various types of legumes and vegetables such as whole baked potatoes, carrots, alfalfa grass, beans and avocados, some varieties of pasta, whole-wheat bread, wheat germ and supplements that are rich in calcium, zinc.
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It probably isn't a good idea to just feed your dog ANY fruit or vegetable without doing research. Some plants, fruits or vegetables are toxic to dogs. Avocados, for example, "the fruit, pit and plant are all toxic. They can cause difficulty breathing and fluid accumulation in the chest, abdomen and heart." I found this from "". Check with your veterinarian first to be safe.
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Yes veg is good for most animals it keeps them healthy and good for there coat
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Yes, they should! My dog loves her vegetables and fruit. It is very healthy for them and makes them have a healthy, shiny coat!!
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Vegetables are great for animals. Although they can consume most vegetables raw, I would always recommend pet-friendly vegetable snacks.

I actually work for a company that makes them, so I should know!

The other thing to remember is that dogs and cats have very different digestive requirements to us humans.

So whilst I'm a strict vegan, I would never enforce that diet on my dog Chuppy, because he needs the protein to balance out nutrition and to help him develop strong teeth etc...

We humans have a choice because we're more adaptable.

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No grapes, no onions and no chocolate.    If you feed them carrots, their poop will be orange.

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