My Dog Has A Huge Cut Or Scratch On His Eyeball. What Should I Do?


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You need to see the vet. They will probably use a florescent stain and a special light (room lights off) to check extent of damage and then probably give you the appropriate ointment to apply and monitor healing unless the eye is completely destroyed which isn't very often and less often with a scratch. It is very painful.
What happens if you don't see the vet soon enough is much worse and far more expensive. They usually get infected. The infection builds up until the eye must be removed (emergency), pops out or explodes in their heads if not removed soon enough. Something very minor becomes something very major. The scratch will usually heal with appropriate treatment and even any scarring can reduce and not effect their vision or sometimes go away completely over time which is much better than the alternatives that often happen when you don't see the vet right away. Don't wait and get your pup to the vet today. Hope your baby is feeling better soon.

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