My Dog Keeps Running And Scratching Ground With Back Legs, Can You Help?


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He is playing and saying "I am boss".  Stop worrying!
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It sounds like its happy!  When my dogs run in the yard and scratch their feet like a bull ready to pounce.... I see it as a happy, excited feeling they have....just like when humans jump up and down in joy!
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If this is a new behavior then I would be concerned that there is an underlying medical or behavioral problem.  Common causes of itching include mites, ringworm, allergies, hot spots, and bacterial infections.  Your veterinarian may want to run a ringworm culture, skin scrape, and dermal impression smear.  Treatment will be started pending diagnosis.
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You say dogs that run and scratch its back feet on the ground may be a medical problem? Not really sure of the question asked ...but I have several dogs and when excited/run/ play with the other dogs they act this way. I never had any problems you suggested and very rarely have any seen a vet. Though I recommend Vets ASAP if there's any underlying prob. Just Curious.....and I do admire your knowledge and helpful advise. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! THANKS!
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I said if this was a NEW behavior then I would be concerned. This may mean the dog is itching and there is an underlying medical problems. Dogs can also develop odd compulsive behaviors when stressed or anxious.

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