Does Everybody Get Creeped Out By Spiders?


10 Answers

Delvia Profile
Delvia answered
OMG I do, I am to scared of them to even kill one!
Omer Butt Profile
Omer Butt answered
Oh Yes. Although most spiders around me are totally harmless but still I get freak out by these crawling things including Lizards and Roaches (Ooopsss! Seems like I revealed too much-LOL!)
Mike Profile
Mike answered
I don't know why, but so do I. I'm even afraid to step on one with shoes on!
Willow Stewart Profile
Willow Stewart answered
No, I just calmly remove them from the premises with a spider catcher. I don't like them but if someone kills one I get mad at them because I think everything deserves to live it's life.
Michael John Profile
Michael John answered
So am I! I can't kill one if I had a baseball bat to kill it!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Me i have Arachnophobia so if i see a spider i like totally freak out same with my big sister LOL

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