Does Everybody Get Creeped Out By Spiders?


10 Answers

Delvia Profile
Delvia answered
OMG I do, I am to scared of them to even kill one!
Omer Butt Profile
Omer Butt answered
Oh Yes. Although most spiders around me are totally harmless but still I get freak out by these crawling things including Lizards and Roaches (Ooopsss! Seems like I revealed too much-LOL!)
Mike Profile
Mike answered
I don't know why, but so do I. I'm even afraid to step on one with shoes on!
DeLiLaH SuMmEr Profile
DeLiLaH SuMmEr answered
Yes, everybody gets creeped out about spiders... lol, at least i do. Big time...
Michael John Profile
Michael John answered
So am I! I can't kill one if I had a baseball bat to kill it!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Me i have Arachnophobia so if i see a spider i like totally freak out same with my big sister LOL

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