My Cat Keeps Sneezing And Spraying Blood, Can You Help?


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Sounds like your cat has something up his nose.  A sticker, piece of grass, foxtail??  You should take your cat to the vet before it gets worse.  Stickers can travel far up into the nasal cavity and cause lots of problems.
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Lynn is right. It could definitely be a foreign object of some kind. It could also be a really severe URI (upper respiratory tract infection). Either way, your kitty needs to be seen by a vet as soon as possible. Please do not wait any longer. Sending good vibes that he/she is better soon!

If your vet concludes that it is indeed a URI, please pick up a bottle of L-Lysine from your pharmacy, or ask your vet if they carry the gel kind for cats. This, along with whatever your vet prescribes, can make a world of difference for cats with discharge from eyes and nose. It is a dietary supplement that is very effective in strengthening the immune system and helping their bodies get rid of the mucus. It works miracles! But please talk to your vet first.

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