How Long Is Labor For Dachshunds?


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Duration of labor in all dogs depends upon litter size. Start of signs of labor in dogs means that delivery is expected in few hours to two days. When labor starts, dog can shake due to pain caused by uterine contraction. This condition can be of maximum one day. After this first puppy is born followed by a resting period that can be of 2 hours during which mother cleans the puppy. After this next puppy is born and same process is repeated again and again until all puppies are born. Delivery of all puppies can take 2-6 hours.  After this placenta is excreted that can take 15 minutes to four hours. So, Time from start from signs of labor, actual start of labor, delivery of all puppies and expulsion of placenta, 48-72 hours are usually consumed by a dog.

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