How Do I Potty Train My 3 Year Old Yorkie Poo?


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You might have a tough time with this one. Put him out as soon as he wakes,finishes eating and before got to take it in stride thats what happens went you get a dog.but yours is used to going inside so it might take a while to teach him. And I don't care who says it will. IT wont do him  no harm to bob him on the butt with cardboard.(from the paper towels) the sound scares  them more.
Just be right on him and be persistant.I usually lose quite a bit of sleep over the first few months.but I 'd gladly do this than clean up after a man or any of that nonsence.I am just going to
take care of these inocent let you know how much I care, I hope noone makes a ball in 1 again,

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