My Basset Hound Not Sure But If You Squeeze Her Nipples Milk Comes Out. Is She Going To Have A Little Pups? How Long Do You Think She Has Before The Puppies' Coming?


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Pregnancy in dogs usually lasts 64-66 days--do you know if your basset was bred about 2 months ago?  In the last month of pregnancy future moms will gain weight, and have nipple development.  Milk can be present right before whelping.  Twenty-four hours before whelping the mom's body temperature will drop to below 99 degrees.
The first stage of labor lasts 6-12 hours and starts with uterine contractions.  During this period the mom will pace, become restless, try to nests, may vomit and stop eating. 
Intact female dogs can also have pseudo-pregnancies.  When pseudo-pregnant their body produces and has the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy but no puppies.  They can have the temperature drop, will have nipple development and produce milk.
Lactation can also be caused by thyroid gland problems, liver disease, and adrenal gland disease in dogs.
It would be best to have your dog examined by a veterinarian and have an x-ray to see if puppies are present or if there is another cause for the lactation.
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That breed is very delicate when having pups. Most do not survive. She should only be another week or two, then she'll have them. It all depends on when she got pregnant. 6-8 weeks max.
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A mom carries their puppies for about 63-65 days. Good luck.

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