My Dog Has Small Black Spots (like Blackheads) On Her Belly. I'm Concerned - Can You Please Help?


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My dog has black spots that look like blackheads on her belly - what could these be?

If you are concerned about these black spots on your dog's belly, then the best course of action would be to take her to the vet. The spots could be caused by numerous health conditions.

A vet will be able to undertake a more detailed and thorough examination of your dog. Hopefully, this will result in a quick diagnosis of the problem, which will mean treatment can start straight away.

Normally these black dots are not a sign that anything is seriously wrong with your dog, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

  • These spots may be the result of an allergic reaction that your dog has had. For example, to a change in environment.
  • They could also be due to an infection that your dog may have picked up. In this case, the vet will be able to deal with the problem easily.
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Well, my dog had what you were describing and it turned out to be tissue damage.

All that we had to do was put some cream on it. But I suggest you go to the vet.

What my dog had was not serious, so I wouldn't be worried if it is just tissue damage.

I hope you can get the black dots to go away.

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