My dog has a black mole on her belly, should I be concerned?


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If your dog has a mole on her belly, there are several things you need to know and look out for:

  • Just like humans, dogs can get moles and skin tags. Generally, these are harmless and nothing to worry about.
  • Dogs usually get more skin tags as they get older.
  • Moles are harder and firmer, whereas skin tags or loose or floppy.
  • Moles and skin tags and non-cancerous. However, a mole-like tumors can be a symptom of cancer.
  • You can tell these cancerous moles apart because they change in size. Some will grow, while others and fluctuate in size due to the release of histamine in the skin.
  • If you see a change in the size of a mole on your dog, or if the area around it looks swollen or red - then you should contact a vet to get this examined further.

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