My 13 Year Old Dog Shivers And Has No Appetite. He Also Has Difficulty Walking. X-rays And Blood Work At The Vet Showed Nothing. This Is The 3rd Time He's Done This In A Month. Symptoms Last 1-3 Days, Then He's Back To Normal. Is He Sick?


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Pain is major cause of shaking in dogs. These pain conditions in dogs can result from disc injury, tissue damage, tissue inflammation, muscular and skeletal problems, heat and cold exposure, traumatic injury, and some other diseases. You should also check for dog fleas because fleas and skin parasites can also cause shivering in dogs. If your dog is declared fit by your vet then it will be better to get second opinion and if second opinion is also in your favor then no need to be worried. In my opinion, difficulty in walking always has some underlying cause.
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Thanks for the info! The pain aspect is enlightening. I wondered if he might have some disc issues since these symptoms appear and disappear so suddenly.
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It may be his dog food making him ill.  Check where it is made and if it states animal parts, know that it can be euthanized animals, and they include bags, collars, sick, healthy, animal hooves, tails and all......

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