My Dog Has Become Lethargic, Non Responsive And Walks With A Slow Gait. Her Appetite Has Fallen And She Shivers At Times. Any Solutions?


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Shivering, lethargy and loss of appetite are the symptoms of hypothermia in pets. But sometime,increase in kidney enzymes also cause these symptoms if they are followed by problem in urination. For proper diagnosis, I would suggest that you take her to a vet.
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TAKE HER TO A VET!!! If your dog is showing all these symptoms she is very ill and you should waste no more time asking questions on-line, but get her down to the vet NOW.
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She may just be feeling bad!  I would just give her lots of TLC for the next couple of days.  Make sure she drinks plenty of fluids so she doesn't dehydrate.  I wouldn't push food for a couple days, liquids are much more important.  I would give it 2 or 3 days and if she's not any better then take her to the vet, or if she worsens go ahead and take her.
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Shivering is often a sign that a dog is in pain and if it also has a reduced appetite you really should not waste any more time in taking it to see a vet.  Hope your dog gets better soon.
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Ok I'm having the same problem with my 9 month old pit but his nose is cold and wet
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His soul is slowly being taken by dementors.

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