When Is It Safe To Touch My Dog After Applying Frontline?


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It is safe to touch your dog after applying Frontline but you may wish to keep clear of touching your dog in the place that the frontline has been applied to for around ten minutes. This is not because it is harmful, although you should wash your hands after application, just a good idea as you do not want some of the medication rubbing off the dog, rendering it less effective.

Frontline is a product for cats and dogs that kills fleas and ticks and makes the fur and skin inhabitable for the pests so that they will not return until the medication wears off.

Frontline for dogs is applied to the back of the neck, in between the shoulder blades, and you should aim to get as much of the liquid on the skin of the dog rather than the fur or coat. This is so that it can be absorbed into the skin.

The liquid is then distributed around the body of the dog and stored in their oil glands. As the animal produces oil to coat it's skin and hair, the oil is distributed through the hair follicles and into the coat of the dog.

You should apply frontline to your dog when it is dry and the dog should not take a bath or swim for 24 hours. After this time the frontline will be completely absorbed and water resistant.

Avoiding fleas and ticks will keep your house clean as these pests also like to cling to humans and furnishings. It will also keep your dog free from skin diseases caused by the pests. Lyme disease is also carried by ticks which, in some cases, can be fatal to both animals and humans alike.

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