My Dog Is Not Eating, Sleeps All The Time, And Is Unhappy And Shaking, What Can I Do?


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sherry huff answered
Regarding your dog, if at all possible I would take him to the vet as soon as you can. You did not mention what the status of your dogs drinking was, but that is more important than the eating. If he's slowed or stopped that it's imperative he visit the vet so they can hydrate him. Also, is there any medications the dog was given for the procedure, or that you are giving him post-surgery (pain medication, antibiotics, etc.) that may be causing a reaction? If you decide to go to the vet take any paperwork/medication from the dogs procedure. The more information the vet has, the quicker he can diagnose doggy's problem. I am a huge animal lover and I hope everything turns out good. I'll keep you and doggie in my thoughts tonight/today. If possible, please send an update of how he's doing. Moosey in az
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emma danish answered
I think you need to be aware of your dogs age he is in the last years of his life now and although the lump may not be a cancer I think you need to prepare for the worst here as he is also suffering get him back to the vets as soon as your able in the mean time just be there to comfort him through this hard time please let me know how he gets on take care
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Yes you need to go back to the vet my dog has a ump to an it I cancer we had it removed and it came back.but with more lumps this time. Good luck

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