My One Year Old Dog Has Started Pooping In The House Again.If I Put Him Outside At Night He Barks Too Much. Any Solutions?


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Either take him for a short brisk walk before bedtime to stimulate him to relieve himself outside, or retime his last meal for earlier in the day so he feels the need to do it during the evening. Also at one year old he is at puberty and may be trying to assert himself over you with the pooing and barking.
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cher fritts answered
My furry baby started going in the house also.Took him to my vet,he had worms.I believe there is a reason why they do that, if they are trained right. Punishing him will only make things worse or afraid of you. Hope this helped
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Marcia Dokken answered
I believe animals behave in certain ways for a reason, you may want to review your routine first to see if something is upsetting him. I also suggest you feed him his last meal at 8:00 p.m. And walk him at 10:00. Leaving the puppy outside at night will only frighten him and make things worse, don't punish him; help him!
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As for the barking outside... Don't just "put him outside" - go out WITH him. It's the best way to be sure he actually goes potty - plus you can clean it up right away. I have 5 dogs and do that with each one. It's much easier that way once you get into the routine.

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