What Animal Has Three Eyelids? What Purpose Do The Three Eyelids Serve?


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The camel, known as the 'ship of the desert' is a typical desert animal, which has to live its entire life in the sandy deserts of the world.

Deserts have sandstorms and dust storms, and dust flies around all the time. Camels do have to protect themselves, and especially their eyes, from the dust, and this is the reason why camels have a third eyelid!

The eyelids of the camel, including the third eyelid come equipped with a second tier of eyelashes, for better protection against flying dust and debris.The camel has various other features that have helped it to survive desert conditions through the ages. For example, the camel has a hump, which helps it to store food. It has long hair, which helps to keep the animal cool. It also has exceptionally long and strong legs, so that it can walk with ease through the desert sands.

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Cats and dogs have three eyelids, but probably other animals do, too. I only know about cats and dogs. Cats have a third eyelid to moisten the eye and clear dust from the surface of the cornea.
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Many creatures that swin underwater also have third eyelids called nictitating membranes. Amphibians, underwater reptiles, even monotrems like the duckbill platypus. Since this membrane is transparent, it protect the eye while still allowing the creature its' vision. Many predatory birds also have this membrane to protect its eyes from the wind as it swoops down for the kill.
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Well crocodiles and alligators have 2 eyelids one each eye 1 clear one and 1 thick one
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Camels have three eyelids. The third being to protect their eyes from the sand.
Cat also have a "third eyelid" which when it appears can be a sign of sickness.
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